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The Lion King - Education Programme

Teacher Resource Library


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Primary School Lesson Plans with Accompanying Activity Sheets

Animal Antics: Pre-show

A group activity exploring animal characteristics using descriptive words & movement.

The Circle of Life: Pre-show

A discussion based task investigating cycles in the environment & community.

Recycling for Fun

A hands-on activity demonstrating the practical & creative side to recycling.

The Circle of Friendship

Pupils work together in groups and make encouraging comments about their peers.

My Circle of Life

A lesson involving arts & crafts, encouraging personal reflection & open discussion.

Puppet Making

A hands-on lesson focusing on the creation & utilisation of shadow puppets.

Mask Making

A lesson involving craft, focusing on the design, creation & sharing of masks.

Making Music

A practical musical lesson exploring rhythm and the singing of ‘rounds’.

Secondary School Lesson Plans with Accompanying Activity Sheets

What’s Behind the Mask? Pre-show

A discussion based lesson investigating the role of masks through the ages.

Behaving Like Animals: Pre-show

Students explore anthropomorphism & ‘animals in literature’ through discussion & movement.

Living the Mask

A craft & movement based lesson focusing on the history, design & implementation of masks.

The Circle of Life

In pairs, students discuss the presence of ‘the circle’ in mythology & modern day.

The Controversial Chat Show

A role-play based lesson involving characters from The Lion King.

The Language of Music

A lesson where students play instruments to represent characters from the show.

Nala’s Story

An in-depth exploration of one character’s journey & motivation.

Contrasting Viewpoints

A performance based lesson where students write & perform new dialogue.

Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Video Hub

Watch 10 individual, backstage episodes with accompanying questionnaires.

Backstage Careers Documentary - Getting Ready to Roar

Getting Ready to Roar

A unique insight into the intense backstage preparation of a performance.

Key Stage 3

This resource aims to help your students develop an understanding of the employability skills the team uses.

Key Stage 4

This resource aims to help your students develop an understanding of the employability skills the team uses.

Community and Citizenship Projects

Circle of Life Award

A 6-session framework that empowers students create and deliver a project that benefits their community. Can be adapted for years 6 to 13.

Background Reading

Discussion Topics: Primary School

Post-show discussion topics for your class.

Discussion Topics: Secondary School

Post-show discussion topics for your class.

Production notes: Primary School

A detailed account of the original creation of the production.

Production notes: Secondary School

A guide to the show’s creation and tips on writing about it.

Fascinating Facts

Test your knowledge and learn something new with these fun facts!

Meet the Characters

Get to know the cast of characters who make the story come to life.

The Story

Enjoy a summary of the full story of The Lion King from start to finish.